Sunday Meditation Services @ 12:10 pm
Sunday Celebration Services @ 12:30 pm
Center for Spiritual Living Saddleback Valley
Located in the Unity Church Building
23181 Verdugo Drive, Suite 103-B
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

(949) 768-3545

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About Us


Love ♥ Spirituality ♥ Empowerment  ♥ Transformation ♥ Integrity  ♥
Compassion ♥ Prosperity ♥ Financial Health  ♥ Community ♥ Education ♥ Growth ♥ Acceptance and Safety ♥ Diversity and Inclusivity

Transforming lives and our planet by empowering people of all ages, religious traditions and lifestyles to discover their own spiritual magnificence.

We honor all spiritual traditions as we embrace Divine Intelligence, God, Spirit, Infinite Source through which all things are possible.

We are a spiritual community where children and adults gain practical spiritual tools and practices to live the lives of their dreams, lives filled with joy, love, abundance, creative expression, peace and health.

We celebrate the growing awareness of goodness in our lives, and care for each other as friends and family. We are grateful for our Center and every person who participates and supports our vision, mission, core values, and intentions.

We welcome people of all ages and diverse ethnicities: singles, couples, and families, being respectful of all lifestyles and interests.

To have everyone feel inspired to participate in classes and programs.

To have our Center be financially sound and secure with abundant resources to support our vision, mission, core values, and intentions.

To teach, practice, and embody principles of abundance to promote both individual and group prosperity.

To provide a safe educational environment that is spirit-centered, serving individuals, our youth and families with love, joy, empowerment, and acceptance.

To make a tremendous positive impact in the lives of our young people and families with the active support of our entire spiritual community.

To be a spiritually-connected community where everyone supports each other in the various seasons and areas of their lives.

To be a loving, playful, and active social community with activities that reflect our varied interests.

To provide an environment where every person feels safe, comfortable, welcome, and has ample opportunity to participate.

To have an organized, vibrant volunteer program inspiring each person to proactively contribute their special gifts and feel appreciated for their involvement, and lovingly volunteer their time and resources to serve the greater community.

To serve the larger community by regularly reaching out and sharing our time, talents, and resources.


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