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Center for Spiritual Living Saddleback Valley
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New classes begin every ten weeks.

Please check the Calendar.Join us in one of our wonderful classes!

“The Universe is fundamentally spiritual -- it has intelligence, purpose, beauty, and order. Whether we call it God, Nature, Spirit, Energy, or Universal Intelligence, all emanates from this Spiritual Universe.”
-- Dr. Ernest Holmes, the Science of Mind

It is through the lectures, discussions, and workshops that you learn how to personalize the same metaphysical principles used by spiritual masters throughout history.

Note: Please see our Event Calendar page for our current classes, seminars, and workshops.

What will you learn?
• You will learn you really can create a new life by changing your thinking and beliefs.
• You will learn how to apply universal principles in your daily life and get results.
• You will learn about your unity with an infinite power for good which you can use.

Why take classes?
The basic principles we study are profound but not necessarily easy to embody and practice in our daily lives. Sunday morning is where we hear about our potential, but the classroom is where we experience practical application of the principles. The ongoing process of regular Science of Mind class attendance is where we begin to embody a true change in our consciousness

What happens in class?
The dynamics in the Science of Mind classes offer fertile ground for growing new ideas. Each Science of Mind class takes on an energy of its own which stimulates the individual’s mind.

What will I learn?
• You will learn you really can create a new life by changing your thinking and beliefs.
• You will learn about your unity with an infinite power for good which you can use.
• You will learn how to apply universal principles in your daily life and get results.
• You will learn the art of positive prayer.
• You will learn that you have found new friends and relationships with your classmates – people who think like you do.
• You will learn the value of daily spiritual disciplines and commitment.

Science of Mind (1st year) 100 Series
Unit 101: The Spiritual Path
Explores the nature of Life and God's relationship to the individual. Using Positive Prayer as a means of directing thought  toward a specific result.
Unit 102: Positive Prayer: The Nature of Effective Prayer
Creates a clear understanding of how the mind of God in the individual operates to create their outer experience. Using Positive Prayer for the purpose of creating an enhanced life experience.
Unit 103: Building a Healing Consciousness: You can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay
Learning the process of creating a consciousness which can facilitate healing in your body and mind.
Unit 104: Principles of Successful Living: Seven Spiritual Laws, Deepak Chopra
Understanding your part in the Spiritual system, and the role that consciousness plays in demonstrating good in your life.

Science of Mind (2nd year) 200 Series
Unit 201: The Mind/body Connection
Examines the role consciousness plays in healing.
Unit 202: The Power of Decision, Raymond Charles Barker
Bring clarity, control and positive action into your life.
Unit 203: This Thing Called You, Dr. Ernest Holmes
Exploring your purpose, your choices, and the creative process.
Unit 204: Spiritual Laws, Holliwell
How the Law of Cause and Effect operates in our lives as Creative Law.
Unit 205: Spiritual Economics, Eric Butterworth
Understand the basic principles that govern our finances.
Unit 206: What the Mystics Taught
Higher truths from mystics of all ages can be applied to everyday life.
Unit 207: Edinburg Lectures, Thomas Troward
The orderly and scientific nature of Universal spiritual laws.
Unit 208: Emerson's Essays
Ralph Waldo Emerson's "Self Reliance," "The Over-Soul," and more.
Unit 209: Recent Bible Scholarship & History
Effect of new technology, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and more.
Unit 210: Metaphorical Approach to the Bible
Discover new meaning for today in the Old and New Testaments.

Science of Mind (3rd year) 300 Series
Classes consist of workshops, discussions, and instruction by the church pastor. There are heavy reading requirements. Student presentations and active involvement in church activities are expected.

Advanced studies in Science of Mind are offered including Positive Prayer, creating a higher consciousness, public speaking, client interviews, and the role of a Licensed Prayer Practitioner in the church. Intensive self-examination and self-analysis for spiritual growth covers a major part of the class work. These are open to students wishing advanced spiritual growth work, and to those wishing to become a prayer practitioner, accredited teacher, or minister.

Science of Mind 100 & 200 Series must both be completed to enroll.

Science of Mind inisterial Training
(4th year) 400 Series

(200 hours - approximately 70 classes) Required for entry into the ministry.
Classes are taught by an approved, ordained minister. Some of the subjects covered are:
• Effective leadership
• Ability to relate the Principles of Science of Mind to everyday life
• Giving clear, understandable presentations
• Conducting classes and lectures
• Church operation, management, growth and expansion
• Spiritual origins, world religions, and bible interpretation
• The consciousness of ministry


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